Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ciate Caviar Mani - Cookies 'n Cream & Shooting Stars

This months Marie Claire magazine comes with a cute Ciate mini set which include their famous caviar pearls. I love Marie Claire anyway plus this freebie was too good to miss. There's loads of amazing mag freebies this month and if your'e curious check out my post I did earlier this month here.

The Ciate kit comes with a lovely nude - an easy shade to wear everyday and very elegant. It also has a pot of caviar pearls called Shooting Stars which I couldn't find anyway so I think these might be just in this mini version. Full of tiny beads of various colours, this is an interesting touch to your manicure especially if you like a bit of texture going on. 

Below is a photo before I added a top coat - the above photos have a thick coat as I worried they would all fall off by tomorrow. Now the top coat is in place, it feels extremely sturdy and although a few pinged off, I think most of them will stay in place now. Without the top coat you can see the full effect of the caviar, so when I try this next time I won't bother with it and see how well they last without the extra protection. 

Unfortunately I broke my index nail which is why it's looking rather stubby but I think the overall effect of this kit was brilliant and an interesting way to mix up yo' mani. The full sized kits are a whopping £18.00 so if you want to try this for the price of a magazine (£3.80) then get out there now and get it! 

Do you think the caviar look is pretty or do you hate the textured look? Thanks for reading!

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