Sunday, 30 June 2013

Nailtopia purchase - Nail Art Stickers

A few weeks ago I bought some nail stickers from Nailtopia which is a great site for nail art decor. I went a bit mad and bought a variety of stickers which will last me a long time! They are so easy to use - simply peel off and apply to dry nails with tweezers. Adding a top coat allows them to last longer, plus it's simple to remove - just use regular nail polish remover and they come right off.

These are just for the comedy factor and because I love puppies haha! It comes with bows too which is an extra plus.

Price - £3.33
Product link -

The birds on these ones encouraged me to purchase them plus flowers are always a simple and elegant touch for nail art. 

Price - £1.49

These beautiful roses will look elegant on anyone's nail and will go perfectly with a light pink shade.

Price - £2.99

Check out my post using these fab rose stickers here!

Bows are great for any mani and will always make your nails pretty. Plus the strips of lace are lovely! 

Price - £2.99

Check them out on my Get Juiced mani.

These stickers are the prettiest I've seen and will look great with any shade. Super sophisticated and elegant. They could be made a bit better as the little diamantes etc can easily be knocked off so I found I had to glue them on more securely before placing onto the nail.

Price - £3.31
Product link -

If you want to try any of these all the links are provided and I hope you like them as much as i do :) Once I've tried them all out I will be sure to update this to give you the post links - thanks for reading!


  1. Aw - thanks for a lovely review, Louise!
    Nailtopia Ltd

    1. No problem Julia, thanks for the stickers! :)