Saturday, 1 June 2013

Layla Misty Blush Holographic Nail Polish Review

Today I'm showing you one of Layla's holographic nail polish's - Misty Blush. 

Isn't that a dream?  

I struggled to take good photos of this polish, flash or not. Above is with flash and you can really see the holographic particles in an array of beautiful, changing colours. There's green, copper, yellow, blue and purple all dazzling away in there, plus more. In direct sunlight this shade truly lives up to its claims. However, like most holos, in the dreary light of my room it looks fairly a dull, darker purple but not unlikeable. In very artificial light it looks amazing too.

Apologies for the weird photos but these were the best I could get without them blurring.

Here it is in a weak indoor light, still looking fairly holographic but definitely not as intense. 

The one fault of this polish is you can not use a base coat with it. It may work with a fancy base that I don't have but any other one it pulls and streaks and leaves large bald spots.
This is three coats and even then I could still see bare patches when in front of light. It is pretty difficult to work with, with a base coat. I've been using Orly's Nailtrition as a base and these two do not like each other one bit. However, the formula once dried it is beautiful, it feels very thin on the nails and smooth to the touch. It is quite resilient and lasts for a few days. Another point I should add is a top coat dulls it extremely, which I found out the hard way. It was so upsetting being dazzled by the beauty of it only to be let down once I applied a top coat. Although it does dry really quickly and thin, a top coat is always a must for me to make the mani last as long as it can and be super glossy!

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